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With the Joey Harrington cut


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D.J Shockley will have the chance to earn the backup QB job for the future or even Potentially earn a chance to be the starter(but must likely the backup job)....This also show the confidence in Chris Redman and the fact that we will draft a QB...

I cant lie, Shockley does fit the playaction scheme but he will not be 100% until most likely next offseason..

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malk2.0 (3/5/2008)
jimusmc (3/5/2008)
it'll be redman -> shockley -> draft qb

hes finally given a shot dj is da future remember that

Hopefully that draft qb is not a first round pick.

unless we traded our 3rd pick for more picks and one of them being a late 1st. then maybe a 1st round qb.

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boss hogg (3/5/2008)
atljbo (3/5/2008)
The move clears $2.5 million in salary

Not exactly...it clears his base salary of $750K but he is still entitled to his bonuses for the 2008 season of $1.35M. http://www.falcfans.com/features/2007cap.html

Just to give you a heads up thats 2007 cap numbers not 2008. His guarantees were mostly paid off in 2007. Rotoworld already reported in 2008 releasing him got us 2.5 mil. We got smart and paid his bonus/guarantee early.

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