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I think Halls problem is he is young and impressionable. If coach Smith can sit him down and make a GOOD impression on him and get him into the team spirit I think he will be OK. There is this last year on his contract to allow him the chance to come around. I think once he sees how this team has been put together and why, he will buy into the plan and settle down. If not, he will leave on his own next year.

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So you're asking us to use the Raider's FO as guidance. Umm, Raiders have probably the dumbest FO on planet right now. I mean who drafts a K in the first round... Who signs Kelley to the biggest deal ever... Who goes out and sign any FA they see? I mean look at their RBs. They have Justin Fargus, Dominic Rhodes, LaMont Jordan, and Michael Bush.

Plus, the Bengals have decided that Chad Johnson is NOT going anywhere. They see him as too valuable to be let go.

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