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Maurice Williams

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The last I heard was yesterday. Mo is considering us or resigning with the Jags. One of the issues appears to be his preferance to play RT instead of RG. Apparantly, whichever team would agree to play him at RT would have an edge. I have read other posters say he is a better guard than tackle. I'm something will happen very soon with him. He would certainly be a good addition to the OL.

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I would like to see Mo. Williams as a Falcon but

I've never seen anything about the FO actually trying to get him. ONLY many posters on this board saying they wanted him. Does anyone have real info that the FO is trying to sign him. All the others were invited to Atlanta and I've seen nothing on him being invited.

Besides TD said at the presser "WE signed all that we had targeted"

IS the FO really after him?

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Maurice would play RT...

Weiner LT ...

Since Trey Lewis is out ... it pretty much removes any doubt we will be drafting Ellis.

We will need to draft a startable guard to phase in with Clabo at right guard.

That should be a serious upgrade assuming Weiner stays healthy.

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