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Quin is linked to rumor to Vikes


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Looks like others are saying rumors about Quinn too. Also, heard Miami interested and Jets.

I know people say, they won't trade Anderson or Quinn but truthfully, a good GM will say that so that they can get more out of the trade. It doesn't mean much.

I think if Brady Quinn was in this years draft he would go to Miami #1. Funny thing is that they could have had him last year at 9.

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Yeah, I saw something about that over on the Browns boards.

I just had to join up so I could see what they were saying about the rumors - only to find out that they can't post anything about rumors because it's against the board rules. How drull! What the **** would everyone on here talk about if it wasn't rumors? :)

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No way would I trade our #3 pick for Quinn. Yes, he's good and all, but he went #22 last season. It doesn't make much sense. The #1 need on this team right now is DT, so we almost have to draft Sedrick Ellis with the recent injury news about Glenn Dorsey.

There will be solid quarterbacks available in the 2nd round. I'm not convinced Quinn has THAT much more upside than Brohm/Henne/Flacco.

Preseason isn't everything. Harrington looked lights-out last preseason, too.... :P

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