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Trade that #3 and see which Mock Draft is better...........

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The Falcons have a nice advantage in the Draft starting with the First Round....

Trade the #3

To the Jets for #6 and a second round choice who want Mcfadden badd. All you have to do is look at who they are bringing in as free agents OL and see they want a stud back in the draft.

To the Bengals who covet Gholsten LB out of Ohio State for their #8 pick and a second round choice.

To the Ravens who covet Matt Ryan QB out of BC for their #9 and a second rounder.

If we stay at #3 the choices should be Dorsey or Ellis, no offense to the Jake long lovers but there are many OT good prospects. This is how it could play out.......

#1 Miami selects Chris Long DE Virginia

#2 St Louis selects Gholsten LB Ohio State

#3 Jets select Mcfadden RB Arkansas

#4 Raiders select Sedric Ellis DT USC

#5 Chiefs select Jake Long OT Michigan

#6 Falcons select either Glenn Dorsey DT Auburn

Matt Ryan QB BC or OT RYan Clady Boise State

I am not keen on QB Matt Ryan but if you look at next years QB Prospects they are rather slim depending if Tebow or Stafford bolt after their JR Years in college.

I do not want Deangelo Hall traded but here is what I think will happen if we trade Hall we are either going after Ryan or Broehm at QB. If we do not trade Hall look for us to wait until the 3rd or 4th rounds to select Josh Johnson or Kevin Mcconnell

They key to the draft will be if Hall is traded and this will tell us how I think the Falcons will go on draft day. I listed three potential Mock Drafts, which one do you think is better??

#1 Matt Ryan QB BC the 6th selection of the first round (Trade with the Jets) He would have two years to be groomed behind Redman and be ready to start.

#1 Carl Nicks OT Nebraska or Sam Baker OT USC (22nd Selection trade with Dallas for D Hall

#2 DT kentwan Balmer NC or Dre Moore DT Maryland

#2 MLB Curtis Lofton Oklahoma

#2 DT Pat Sims Auburn

#3 CB Charles Godfrey Iowa

My three choices:

Make two trades:

#1 Matt Ryan QB BC

#1 Carl Nicks OT Nebraska

#2 Pat Sims Dt Auburn

#2 Curtis Lofton MLB Oklahoma

#2 Dre Moore DT Maryland

#3 Charles Godfrey CB Iowa

Stay with current picks and trade D Hall for #22 with Dallas

#1 Jake long OT Michigan

#1 Brian Brohm QB Louisville

#2 Pat Sims DT Auburn or Dre Moore DT Maryland

#2 Curtis Lofton MLB Oklahoma

#3 Charles Godfrey CB Iowa

Stay with Current picks and no trades

#1 Glenn Dorsey Dt LSU or DT Sedric Ellis DT USC

#2 Sam Baker OT USC or best available OT

#2 Curtis Lofton MLB Oklahoma

#3 Josh Johnson QB or Kevin McConnel QB (Best available QB on board

All good choices but get ready to flame me I guess but for pure value and needs I like the first choice and here is why..........

Matt Ryan QB is picked in the 6th slot and is our future QB

Carl Nicks OT is a huge mammoth tackle to man the left tackle spot (add Mo Williams in Free Agency and we have the makings of a Huge OLine

Curtis Lofton MLB from Oklahoma is a huge need and will move Brooking and solidify our Middle as TD states that he wants to do..........

Picking up Pat Sims DT Auburn and Dre Moore DT Maryland or Balmer DT NC (Sign Grady Jackson FA would provide Depth and size to out DLine

CB Charles Godfrey Iowa would give us a good CB to add in the mix with our FA in the secondary

CBs Houston, Jimmy Williams, Godfrey, David Irons, and our FA from the Texans

Tell me what ya think?

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