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mock draft


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Trade down into middle round of first pick up an extra second:

1a) Chris Williams OT Van.

Will anchor leftside of line for a longtime.

2a) Red Bryant DT Texas.

A young powerful run-stopper.

2b) Calies Cambell DE Miami.

May slip poor combine compared to Julius pepper

2c) Jonathan Goff ILB Georgia Tech.

Finally a real middle linebacker would be a force inside.

3a) Brad Cottom TE Tennessee.


3b) Heath Benedict OT Newberry

Same as above.

4a) Frank Okam DT Texas.

Some has compared him to Shaun Rodgers. Can be good and bad!

5a) Kendall Lanford DE Hampton.

Can't have enough depth at defensive end.

6a) Dexter Jackson WR App. State.

Very quick will help in return game or slot receiver.

7a) Thomas Davis RB Georgia.

A solid running back.

7b) Brandon Couta K Georgia.

Gotta have a kicker.

Constructive Opionons Wanted.

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first off you list jonathan goff as middle linebacker for gt jonathan goff plays for vanderbilt the gt middle linebacker is phillip wheeler, secondly why take red bryant with our first second when he would probaly be available in 3rd, pat sims would be a better pick but i love the chris williams pick but trading from 3 to 15 and only getting a second doesnt sound good to me

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ugafan713 (3/4/2008)
also no qb and brad cottam is predicted late round/fa so 3rd round would be stupid and why daft a DE in the second when we have much bigger needs we already have a probowl DE and one who was a top ten pick less than a year ago

Cottam is listed as a 2-3rd rounder now.

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my bad on goff had my wife type it i think that a draft like this really puts 3 to 4 starters an the feild and depth at along the line which is real weakness over the past ;i also don't believe we real draft a qb this year not until we get our lines more stable

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