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Losing some players is like losing Family


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It's hard to be excited and depressed at the same time. I am excited about the moves and boldness that the team is showing this year, but at the same time I am depressed to see some of the players go. I love this team so much it sometimes seems like these guys are family. Not seeing players like Warrick Dunn and Alge Crumpler around this team any more is depressing. Not enough can be said about the heart and character of all of the Atlanta players. They have suffered through some hard times and still stuck it out. I just hate we have to lose them. As far as suffering though, not many NFL fans have suffered more than Atlanta fans. Losing the 98 superbowl, the Vick saga, letting Favre get away, and the fact that we have never even got the joy of back to back winning seasons makes it very hard to stay loyal to this team, but some how we do. Some how there are the same ol guys at training camp every year full of hope that this will be the season we finally win it all. I'll be there again this year, but I sure will miss seeing a lot of these guys around.

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Agreed. Unfortunately the cap doesn't leave any room for sentimentality.

I do wonder if they should bring in some form of cap relief for veteran players, to make it easier and cheaper to retian guys who have been with the team for many years...

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