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South Carolina fans.. some suspensions and other info.


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If you guys can expand on this info if you know more please do.

Gamecock DB Carlos Thomas suspended for undisclosed reasons.

This news came just on the heels of Spurrier saying he wasn't going to suspend Kevin Young for his role in a bar fight because Kevin claimed it was self-defense. Many posters on FGF claim the police used excessive force in breaking up the fight, including hitting Young in the back of the head repeatedly with a police baton, and ultimately dropped the public disorderly charge against him to keep the focus off their own behavior.

Both stories came just weeks after other 2 players, Deion Lecorn and Matt Clements, were suspended for possession of marijuana and Kendrick Ellis was suspended for 3 games due to violation of University policy (supposedly a 2nd positive drug test). Also, starting RB Mike Davis was initially supposed to be suspended for 2 games due to violations of the class attendance policy but Spurrier says it will be only 1 game and it may not be the opener.

Mike is scheduled to miss a game because of class attendance. But it can be any game that we choose to pick, Spurrier said Monday. It s one-tenth of the season. That s the way the academic rule reads. For 12 games, that s one game.

Spurrier also said that Steven Garcia could miss a few practices this spring due to class absences.

Finally, OL Justin Sorenson will apparently miss two games as well but in his case, Lou Holtz just failed to file medical redshirt paperwork on time early in his career and the NCAA issued a 2-game suspension when they granted him the extra year.

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