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It's apparant that the media wants the Falcons to pick Ryan


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Every Mock Draft shows us taking Matt Ryan. ESPN makes sure they throw us a bone on the Matt Ryan express everyday, but do we really need Matt Ryan. I've read some of the comments on the blog and it doesn't seem like the fans want Ryan here in Atlanta. I agree with the majority that we need BEEF!

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What's funny is this:

The media does want us to take Matt Ryan - I agree....

The media also wants us to take Matt Ryan and hope that Matt Ryan is a bust.........so they can "kill" the Atlanta Falcons all over again....

The media will then say how "stupid" the Falcons were for taking Matt Ryan....

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Surely we have been killed enough recently to earn a pass, at least for a year or two if not a lifetime. Hank Steinbrenner was kind of right. ESPN picks its favorites, slants all its stories towards who they favor, and then mocks/criticizes/ostracizes everyone who thinks differently. If it wasn t' for Colin, I would never be able to stomach any of espn, radio or tv.

That said, this post about killing the falcons after we draft Ryan (or if we do not!!) is largelly believable.

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