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Blank was Key!

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Say all you want about our C.E.O. and Owner Arthur Blank, but he is a class-act guy.

In my opinion, he has made a few mistakes since taking over this franchise, but majority of his judgements have been for the better of this team. He bought this team when we were in shambles and helped lead us into two playoff appearances. Not only that, we got media coverage, had fans and sold-out every game up until this year!

His mistakes have come because he is trying to help out this franchise not because he wants to hurt us on purpose. i.e.: Peerless Price was brought here because we lacked a WR and wanted to give Vick a weapon. He did not know Peerless would be a bust. Everyone loved the acquisition at the time.

His latest moves have shown me he is a great owner. Michael Turner said the key reason he came here was because of Arthur Blank. Thats impressive. Many other of the free-agents acquired also said blank as a factor. I think he has a strong passion to build a winning franchise and serious team. This light shines off onto other players and he is a great owner.

So lets hear it!

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Negrodamus (3/3/2008)
Well said and I agree. I'm bumping this thread in appreciation of a positive outlook for a change.

The Blank haters/doubters are the pick of the ******* on this board.

I wouldn't go quite as far as calling them *******....But they are annoying. Blank should not be hated. He has not done anything wrong. He continues forking out more and more money into this team and salary of the team. Its not like he is the Atlanta Spirit Group who continues to take away money and wants talent and winning teams in return. He is a great owner and tries his best.
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He's always key to our free agent signings. Thats why I feel good when a free agent comes here because we always get them signed. I don't remember any free agent coming here good or bad that didn't sign. The most important thing is bringing in the right people. I actually am a lot more confident in TD than I was McKay. I used to be confident in McKay but with the exception of Coleman and Dunn he brought in a lot of FA bust that were over paid. Even Dunn was over paid. I don't think Turner will be over paid when it's all said and done. He is about to be a work horse. I'm guessing between 1,200 and 1,300 yds. Norwwod around 700 to 800 yds.

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