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My mock draft. New to this but....

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I hope we sign Williams at OT then we have many options but in case we don't....

1st Jake Long OT -if gone then Ryan or trade down with Jets and pick up their 3rd

2nd Chad Henne QB -if 1st Pick was Ryan then Curtis Lofton MLB

2nd Trevor Laws DT- might be early but he will be gone in 3rd and he is a big motor guy. If we haven't gotten our OT yet then Anthony Collins here. Prob last chance to get a close to ready OT

3rd Wesley Woodyard S- Great player and a Ga boy who won't dissapoint

4th Earl Bennett WR - White and Robinson stretch field Bennett becomes our possesion guy

5th Simeon Castille CB- solid player who can play S or CB and is solid in man to man

6th Barndon Coutu K - good leg with power although not the best at KO but Koenen can do it.

7th Brandon Miller DE just moved to DE 6'4 260 with 4.6 speed watch his pro day. played out of pos for 4 yrs.

any opinions????

I would love to get Devin Thomas with our first 2nd rd pick but we have some pressing needs. If we sign Williams from Jax then i hope we get him. I have a feeling he will be a very good pro.

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