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The 3rd pick is powerful

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Sitting at 3, Ryan and Mcfadden are going to be there. We have a very powerful pick. We don't need Mcfadden and I doubt this franchise will take the risk with Ryan. If Miami or St Louis doesn't trade down then look for the Falcons to deal the pick to a QB or RB hungry team. If we sit at 3 it will be a huge mistake. We already have two second rounders with a likely extra 3rd for Kerney. Trading down and picking up some extra picks could net us 6 picks on day 1!

Say no to Ryan! Trade Down!

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In order to attract a trade there has to be a compelling prospect. We are lucky to have possibly three such prospects: Gholston, McFadden and Dorsey. I am assuming that both Long's are taken one and two.

McFadden continues to be the real "buzz" guy. Both Dallas and Oakland are likely suiters. Al Davis can offer a third rounder to move up one spot and we would still get the guy we want....at a lower cap cost. Or, we can trade with Dallas for their two first rounders.

Don't count out the Jets' interest in Gholston. As soon as C Long is off the board, we may get a call from teams like the Bengals. The Jets will feel the pressure to move up to the #3 spot to secure Gholston.

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.leon (3/3/2008)
Really doubt that there will be a trade that pleases both parties. One team will definitely lose out, and I think everyone knows that so a trade is unlikely.

I think we lost some leverage when we signed Turner because other teams will know that we aren't taking McFadden.

But as far as one team losing out in a trade for the third spot, I don't really mind losing out if you're basing it on the draft value charts. In all aspects of life "something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it".

IMO I would gladly take both #1's from Dallas and either their number 2 this season or their number 1 next season and give them the third pick. The draft charts say that our #3 pick is worth 2,200 points. Both Dallas picks added together are worth 1,440 and their second round pick would be worth somewhere around 300 points. That would end up with us giving up 2,200 points and only getting back 1,740 points. But I would do it in a heart beat.

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