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What is up with all of these DMac threads?


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Since66 (3/3/2008)
Cocoa Beach Falcon (3/3/2008)
Since66 (3/3/2008)
Because IQ tests aren't required to post here. :crying:

:w00t: great answer

No, just a frustrated one. Almost as bad as this Pearidge Falcon dude and his man-crush on Ryan.


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Pearidge Falcon (3/3/2008)
Matt Ryan has been the pick from day one,

It just took the RDMC Fans,

this signing to see the writing on the wall!

Of course, you can't back up any of your silly posts on why we need him. The fact that we don't have an O-line means nothing to you, does it. You are no different than the Vickateers from the past. If we do draft Ryan, I'll man up and admit it. But please, you sound like a little girl, post something of substance to substantiate your position.

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