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S Eugene Wilson???

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1989fan (3/3/2008)
he is a good safety, but gets injured too much.

I love that sig...never gets old.....

no doubt, thanks, lol.. yeah it makes me get a kick out of it too everytime i see it, lol, vut thats why is his price tag would be a little lower, i really wanted the other wilson, but this one would be worth ashot to me.

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Pass on Wilson. Man is made of glass. The cap is going up, but no so high we can afford anymore disability payments. I see another Edgerton Hartwell tenure if he becomes a Falcon. Good player, goes down too often and for entirely too long. Gets paid to attend training camps and get treatment from the trainers.

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I think we're set with Coleman and Milloy. Hopefully in his 2nd year at S Jimmy Williams can make some progress and eventually take over for one of them. I also wouldn't be opposed to drafting someone in the 4th (Marcus Griffin out of Texas?) to groom.

But TD is from New England, if Wilson was really that good, he would've been all over it.

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