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Lets rebuild our lines in this years draft and worry about everything else next year


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this year is the a great year to rebuild or lines on both sides. the draft is very deep with offensive lineman and its ok with defense lineman. we have needs at the qb fs, mlb poistions but you can have the best corners and safetys in the league but if the qb has all day to throw the will look like avergae corners and safteys. same with the qb poistion. just look at the super bowl tom brady looked normal in that game. just think i he would look behind this line.

We can take care of qb mlb and safety in free agency next year or in the draft.

mlb the kid from osu little animal will be in the draft. i think our pick in next years draft will be in the 8-13 range and as we say with patrick will mlb go around that area so we can snatch him up with that pick and we are good to go. and adress the other needs after and build depth with the other picks.

back to this years draft i say picks in round 1-5 i say we go all lineman. that is six picks to adress our lines. games are won in the trenches. i dont care how boring our games are i just care about the outcome. so if we can win 10 or so games 13-10 of something in that range so be it. we control the lines we control the game.

we need some big boys in here.

just my opinion, please share yours. :cool:

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