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Cut Harrington?


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there's no benefit to cutting any qbs right now. we should bring the 3 we have now along with the rookie into camp and let them fight it out for the 3 spots.

we'll likely go into the season with redman, harrington, and the rookie. in that order.

Shockley is nowhere near as good as either of the 2 we have, the one we will draft, or the one we just cut. he will be gone after camp.

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Why keep Harrington. How many chances did we give him last year? Too **** many. At least keep Shockley around, I think he could at least be better than scary cat Harrington. He wets his pants every snap looking at the D line! Come on people, please don't defend Joey here. I can't believe he's still here.

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The GM was just on 790 morning show and they asked him about Harrington. He stated they were in negotiation to keep him around. I take from that we are at least keeping him and Redman. I heard nothing on Shockley but that doesn't necessarily mean anything good or bad.

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Capitalist (3/5/2008)
Not sure yet... But the D. Hall trade looks to be next prediction... That might actually be less of a surprise, given all the press about it...

Assume prediction! I never would have guessed it, but the cap hit was a good reason to let Harrington go.

Could Brookins be next because he has a high cap hit as well? Brookins may be restructuring his contract now or packing his bags.

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Capitalist (3/3/2008)
I actually would like to see Redman, Shockley and a Draft Pick QB in the stable. Harrington and his cap $ are better spent elsewhere...

JOE-WEEEEEE !!!!!! :w00t:


Former starting QB Harrington released by Falcons


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 03/05/08

The Falcons released quarterback Joey Harrington Wednesday. It's another move at a position that has been turned upside down during the last year.

It all began with the indefinite suspension and imprisonment Michael Vick. The release of Harrington (10 starts) comes weeks after Atlanta released Byron Leftwich (two starts). Chris Redman (four starts), just re-signed for two years, and D.J. Shockley, a second-year backup recovering from a season-ending knee injury, are the only quarterbacks on the roster.


Former starting QB Harrington released by Falcons

Falcon DT re-injures knee in freak accident

Agent: Titans agree to deal with ex-Falcon Crumpler

" More Falcons

Your Turn

Who will be the starting QB for the Falcons next season?

Chris Redman

D.J. Shockley

Someone else

Voter Limit: Once per Hour

View Poll Results

The Falcons are expected to select a quarterback at some point in the April 26-27 NFL draft. However, with gaping holes along the offensive and defensive lines, they might use the No. 3 overall pick to solidify those interior positions. This means waiting before taking a quarterback they hope will stabilize the sport's most important position.

Harrington's release, as ironic as it might seem, could even fortify that thinking. Detroit took Harrington third overall in 2002. He was thrust into the long-suffering franchise's savior role, despite not having the offensive line or receiving corps to ease the burden. Sound familiar?

Four years of failed deliverance and Harrington was released. He was signed by Miami in 2006, where, after injuries to Daunte Culpepper, Harrington started and struggled again. He was let go for the second time. The Falcons signed him last spring after trading Matt Schaub to Houston. Like Schaub, Atlanta didn't expect Harrington to take many snaps because Vick was the constant.

Over the summer, Vick was indicted and pleaded guilty to federal charges related to dogfighting, leading to his 23-month sentence and NFL-imposed indefinite suspension.

Enter Harrington: 10 starts, seven touchdowns, eight interceptions, four benchings and pink-slipped again.

Harrington's potential may have never fully developed because of the physical and mental poundings he took early in his career.

New Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff has expressed concerns about playing a young quarterback without the proper parts in place to protect him. That doesn't mean he couldn't draft Boston College's Matt Ryan, considered the top quarterback prospect, and have him sit for most of the season.

If Atlanta were to draft Ryan third overall, the Falcons could miss out on left tackle Jake Long (Michigan) or defensive linemen Glenn Dorsey (LSU) or Sedrick Ellis (USC). They are players who could fill voids just as gaping as the one at quarterback. The Falcons cut veteran left offensive tackle Wayne Gandy and defensive tackle Rod Coleman. Starting nose tackle Trey Lewis recently re-tore his ACL in his right knee and his playing status is in jeopardy.

How Dimitroff prioritizes team needs will determine where a quarterback is acquired. The draft is relatively deep in quarterbacks and offensive tackles, but not defensive tackles.

The Falcons could continue to add through free agency. Offensive tackle Maurice Williams is available and the team is expected to re-sign free agent Tyson Clabo, a part-time starter who, as a second-year player, can't negotiate with any team but the Falcons. At defensive tackle, Grady Jackson could return after being cut last season and signed by Jacksonville, where current coach Mike Smith served as defensive coordinator before Atlanta hired him in February.

Daunte Culpepper, Tim Rattay, Mark Brunell and Kelly Holcomb head the list of free-agent quarterbacks. Tampa Bay's Chris Simms could become available. Buffalo quarterback J.P. Losman has been mentioned in possible trades.

If the Falcons don't choose Ryan in the first round, they could use one of their two second-round picks on prospects Chad Henne (Michigan), Brian Brohm (Louisville), Joe Flacco (Delaware) or John David Booty (USC).

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That's too bad, I feel for the guy. Seems like a good person but unfortunately that doesn't wins games. And with a career passer rating of 70 something it was the right move. I wonder what could've been if he was never mind f@#ed in detroit; oh well. Onward and upward.

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