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Which draft scenerio do you like better?

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we are definitely going OT and DT before the third round

which do you prefer?

getting the best DT, Sedrick Ellis, along with a very good OT, Sam Baker


getting the best OT, Jake Long, along with a very good DT, Pat Simms

there all great players it just comes down to which position you think is our bigger need








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Where as i'll take either Long or Ellis in the 1st. i don't want either position in the 2nd. in the 2nd i want to go QB and MLB. Mainly because their will be good DT talent and OT talent into the 3rd. This is how i would go.

1st - Jake Long

2a - Brohm, Henne, or Flacco <--- i like all 3 :D

2B - Lofton, Mayo, or Wheeler <--- all 3 will probably go 2nd round and then MLB talent really drops.

3rd- Laws, Harrison, Simms, Moore, or Bryant <--- all of them are very talented DT's and one will fall to the 3rd.

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The_ ATL (3/3/2008)
Twinblade (3/3/2008)
People picking long just makes me **** sick.

Lets waste a first rounder guys!

Who did you want?

We need to go with Defense in the first round, We can always get a good Tackle in the 2nd round. No Defense, No chance, No wins.

Our offense can only do so much if our Defense keeps letting opposing teams score.

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i would go for that, but i have a feeling that we will eventually get a mid-high 1st rounder for D-Hall, he's good, but im sick of his nonsense, and with that pick we will go QB.

can you imagine...

1. Jake Long OT

1. Brian Brohm QB

2. Pat Sims DT

2. Reggie Smith CB

if no D-hall trade, than i would make QB the #1 priority in the 2nd round

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What a crooked Poll, NO VOTE!

Bust one or Bust two!

Ellis Blew his Combine, Small, Short and Slow!

Long cant pass Block anyone-REALLY!

Dorsey is the Best, but he is Damaged, thanks to Auburn and their Cheap ##### OL!

Matt Ryan is the Only Pick that is Worthy of Top Money,

Unless C. Long Falls(1%)!

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