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Michael Turner is a Breast!

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prolikewhoa (3/3/2008)
I knew this joke wouldn't fly. I know some people here get the reference, though.

Someone once made a "McFadden is a breast" thread by accident and it went on for pages and pages.

I even remember who said it, but I'm going to keep quiet because he had enough grief over that typo.

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FalconFan13 (3/3/2008)
formul8or (3/3/2008)
Yeah kind of an inside joke on here. But he will be a better breast than McFadden.

More than likely. But one thing i know for sure. He is for sure a Bigger Breast than McFadden at 240 pounds.


McFadden is like a nice full C cup. But Turner is most likely a DD cup.

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