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M. Turner's jersey number

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falcon_freddie (3/3/2008)
Turner wore #33 with the Chargers. #33 is currently unclaimed by anyone on the Falcons roster, so it's likely Turner will keep his accustomed jersey number in his new home.

justin griffith was so good when he was a falcon that they retired the number 33 in his honor...:D

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Usually when you have a big signing like Turner's, that player will want his old number, and if it's worn by another player, he might buy it from him. I remember hearing about that a long time ago. Chris Redman always wore #7 because his birthday is 7/7/1977. When he was in Baltimore Kyle Boller wanted it but Redman wouldn't give it up. When he signed with the Patriots (very short time until Flutie decided to return) he picked #12, and I also believed he wore #12 with the Titans for the short time he was there. Considering that Vicks still on the roster and the drama that would ensue, he opted for #8 here. Some players are attached to their old numbers, some aren't. Terrell Suggs wanted to wear #48 when Baltimore drafted him, but because of league rules he couldn't have it. Randy Moss seems to be one of those guys that doesn't care what number he wears after switching from #84 with the Vikings to #18 with the Raiders to #81 with the Patriots. Like I said, some guys are really attached to their number, some don't care, I know if I was a player, I'd pay out the nose to wear #42. I can see it now "At middle linebacker, number 42, from Louisville, Kentucky...ZMYSTICO!!!" (Georgia Dome crowd pops the top)

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