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To Warrick Dunn and the Atlanta Falcons


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I read this morning that Warrick Dunn has asked to be released after the signing of Turner. I understand why, but it really broke my heart, and I wanted to put it out there even though I know he will probably never see this.

Warrick Dunn should retire a Falcon. He has given his heart and soul in every play. He has exhibited the character and class that Mr. Blank says he wants to be associated with the Falcon organization. He is certainly by no means a "has-been".

Last year was hard for Falcon fans. We saw so many losses and changes and heart-wrenching turns and twists for our team. There were some bright moments though and I, as a season ticket holder went to every home game I possibly could and traveled to Tampa and Carolina for those games.

My heart was wrenched with the whole Michael Vick incident last year. I was devastated when Patrick Kerney left. I was frustrated when Grady Jackson was cut. I was hurt when Alge Crumpler was released. I am frantic that DeAngelo Hall stays - I just love him - his passion - his game - even his overly active mouth.

But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - don't let this happen. Warrick Dunn is my knight in shining armor - my hero in a day and time when heroes are few and far between. His off-field activities - the heart he brings to every game. He is so important to me as a fan. Even though he started his career in Tampa, he will always be a Falcon to me and represents everything the Falcons should be.

In a year when so many changes, moves, defeats and betrayals are supposed to be turned around - please convince my hero to stay - to contribute, help us become a winning team again and to someday retire a Falcon.

Warrick - Please Stay. Falcons Powers-That-Be, please make it work out.

I suppose I'll get flamed for this and I don't care - I didn't have any other way to get it off my chest and so here it is.

Thank you,

From a Falcons Fan since 1971

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Unfortunately being a swell guy and building houses for single mothers isn't enough to make you younger and better at football. I appreciate what he has done here but if we are gonna turn this thing around he has to go. He is slowing down and he isn't as good without the defense spying on YKW.

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This is a business decision, Warrick knows how football decisions go.

There is nothing personal, this is the downside to all these mega contracts these guys sign, in the end they are all performance based and Warrick knows that very well.

Yep, Warrick did a great job for a long time and we all appreciate his efforts but this is the NFL baby.

I keep telling myself, if YKW hadn't done You Know What, none of these veterans would be gone. This is yet more fallout from the MV7 stupidity.

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I keep telling myself, if YKW hadn't done You Know What, none of these veterans would be gone. This is yet more fallout from the MV7 stupidity.
Dunn needed to leave last year. Thats been the problem with the falcons, they seem to keep people for sentimental reasons or because he's a 'good guy'. If you ask me, the 'MV7 stupidity' may end up being exactly what this franchise needed to finally start building a balanced team instead of depending on one guy to win games.

I say good riddance to all of the old, over priced, and overrated guys.

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