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If Leinart, Losman, Cutler have struggled, it is a good chance Ryan will struggle in Atlanta...


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rugger8 (3/3/2008)
Culpepper has struggled ever since he didn't have Moss to throw to. No. Freaking. Way.

We are rebuilding, anyway. Ryan or not, we need a QB who'll grow with the team, and that's not Culpepper.

Culpepper had a serious knee injury, but he has recovered. Culpepper is a vaible option who can make the Falcons a winner immediately.

If Matt Leinart can't get the Cardinals to the playoffs and he had WEAPONS, then Ryan is definitely going to have a very difficult time..and i question Ryan's leadership skills when things go bad..

Shockley is only 24 and if he is healthy, then he can be someone who can lead the Falcons..

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