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Blank does it again.


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Absolute (3/2/2008)
So people would much rather have a guy who has yet to play a down in the NFL over a proven BIG back (with speed)...

I like the 1-2 punch of Turner/Norwood.

How is Turner proven? 80 carries a year means he is a proven RB? I guess Norwood is proven too. Looking at Turner's game this year, he only had one good game. He only had over 4 YPC in 3 games. He played in 19.

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OK...I know we are all GMs, and Coaches, great talent evaluators, etc...

Free Agency...as in the draft is a crap shoot. All teams have made mistakes...all teams have found gems. None of us will know how the Turner signing will pan out. If he has now one to block for him, he will stink. Any back would. Everyone seems to think McFadden is a great back-the next big thing...BUT there have been other "can't miss" backs to come out of college too:


Jets 2 Blair Thomas, Penn State


Bengals 1 Ki-Jana Carter, Penn State


Bears 5 Curtis Enis, Penn State

I mean-these were some can't miss runners....supposedly.

You see the same thing come Free Agency as well....players that shined elsewhere flop on a new team(Remember Pearless Price?), or flops from one team become stars elsewhere(Garrison Hearst anyone?) So, we can all have our opinions, but none of us will really know til a year or more down the line...

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statzondeck (3/2/2008)
First Price. Then Hartwell. Now Turner. Hopefully this one don't turn out like the others.

Turner has the measurables and the NFL game film. But you are absolutely right, especially if our Oline is not in order. At least missing on him wouldn't cost us a draft pick.

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