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The Falcons first pick.

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It's interesting how we all have our opinions on who the Falcons will draft with the #3 pick and now that Free Agency has begun it kind of throws a wrench in our ideas. I was thinking for sure Jake Long would be the pick but I really think there's a 2% chance that he makes it past St. Louis. So it all depends on who the Dolphins take with the #1 pick now. If they take Matt Ryan, don't the Falcons have to take Chris Long? If so, what happens with Anderson? Move him to DT? Or make him a backup DE and rotate them? The Giants proved that you can't have too many good DE's on your team. But what if the Dolphins take Chris Long #1 overall? Jake Long is still going to St. Louis so that leaves us having to choose between, in my opinion, Sedrick Ellis, Glenn Dorsey, Ryan Clady, Vernon Gholston, and Matt Ryan. Personally, I take Gholston or Ellis and don't look back. The Falcons passed on an elite athlete last year when they passed on Patrick Willis and I hope they don't make the same mistake this year. Dorsey would be nice but he's got the nagging injury concerns. Clady would be a great addition to the offensive line but can you justify taking him at #3? Ellis would be a solid pick too. He's definitely motivated and is known as a film buff. Then there's Matt Ryan. The Falcons need a QB worse than any other position but is he worth the #3 pick? Many on this board think he's not. So what do the Falcons do?

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we will not take long...that is a given. they drafted anderson first for a reason, even tho he didnt produce like he was suppose to, it was only his rookie year, and no way they will pay someone like long top 3 pick money, and just last year they paid anderson top 10 pick money..no way i see us taking long..its between dorsey and ellis even if matt ryan is there. i dont want ryan whatsoever...

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I say draft Gholston!

He is a special defensive athelete, blessed with tremendous strength, speed, and agility. He is also very capable of, and experienced at, playing DE or LB. The Falcons could use a versitile playmaker with his skill sets, heck any team could.

There has been much said about how "the Falcons are cleaning house", and will be looking to re-build the team through the draft, over the next couple/few years. I believe that with the signings of Eric Coleman, and Michael Turner, the Falcons have made a small statement about their commitment to fielding a winning product. With that being said, they will still need to fill and/or upgrade quite a few positions via the draft.

So....here is what I think is going to happen....

The Bengals are rumored to want Vernon Gholston very badly, especially since Justin Smith is now a 49er. They will trade up with the Falcons to #3 and take him. The Falcons will then have the #8 pick, and probably an extra 3rd, possibly an extra second pick as compensation.

I wouldn't even be surprised to see the Falcons trade down again from this point, because I believe that Matt Ryan is their guy, and he can probably be had mid to late first round.

Just a guess.

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