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This is what Michael Tuner had to say about the falcons


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It was really the whole organization and what they re trying to do, Turner told The Associated Press on Sunday when asked what influenced his decision. Everybody is fresh with a clean slate and trying to build things back up. & I did not come into the visit expecting to sign so soon. I didn t know what to expect.

good turner did sign this soon(it still took forever)....a couple of fans was about to have a heart attack...lol

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Turner said a factor in his decision was new Falcons coach Mike Smith s experience as a defensive coordinator with Jacksonville when the Jaguars had success with tailbacks Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew sharing the carries.

It will be interesting with a combo type thing, Turner said. Coach Smith from Jacksonville knows how that works, so hopefully it will be a good thing.

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tom Baldwin (3/2/2008)
One thing's for sure, Blank is good at two things. 1.Takeing money from stupid fans that keep repeatedly buying season tickets to watch junk on the field. 2. And overpaying football players to come to atlanta.

He got 6 years, 34.5 million.

Compared to some of the deals that people are getting, this was not a bad number at all.

Look at the safeties Gibril Wilson and M. Williams. They both got paid in the same neighborhood and neither is going to have the same effect on the game as a good running back will.

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