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Imagin the quality players we can get if we dont bite on a QB in the draft.


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If we dont waste a pick on aQB and let the other teams bite on all 6 or 7 QBs, we can really get some quality players, because every time a team picks one of these QBs that make me want yawn thier passing on another good player and leaving them for us to snag. A QB is like a nascar driver, he cant drive it fast if the equipment sucs.

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Bloodhoundz Reborn (3/2/2008)
hawkeyes (3/2/2008)
hawkeyes (3/2/2008)
birdweiserrr (3/2/2008)
We're drafting a QB.

Only a genius would pass though

Your an annoying ##### sometimes. lol just kidding

No need to be hard on yourself.[/quote

I blew it, that was to you not myself:blush:

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