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Who os Maurice Williams?

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29 years old 7th year veteran

From ESPN:

Williams is a versatile player who can play either guard or tackle position. He is a good athlete with good size and long arms. He has good initial quickness into blocking patterns, maintains his pad level and takes good power steps. He has a strong punch, good leg drive at the point of attack to lock on and steer the defender out of running lanes. However, he will play small in the run game and get pushed around at times. He still needs to improve his angles on the backside and can be late to react and get beat across his face. He still needs to finish blocks and sustain. He stays square with good quickness to the second level and has balance and hand use to hit his target, but will narrow up and lunge at times and miss. He has good quickness off his pass sets and can get out to the junction point and maintain the width of the pocket. He has good hands and can extend and lock out on targets. He has a strong punch and can anchor versus power. He matches up better versus power than upfield speed rushers off the edge. Overall, Williams is an intriguing player who still needs to play with more consistency, while having the ability to be a frontline starter for some NFL teams.

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If you are wondering how he was resigned to that extension, but yet he is a free agent now here's the answer (obviously he wasn't cut):

OT/OG Maurice Williams, Jacksonville: Essentially bought his way into free agency after losing his starting job in 2007, when he agreed to lower his base salary in return for having the final two years of his contract voided. Started 85 games at right tackle before the Jags signed Tony Pashos to replace him last year. But when injuries hit, Williams moved inside to guard for 10 starts and played well. That kind of flexibility will earn him some dollars in the market."
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