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What if Boley never re-signs


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virginiafalcon (3/2/2008)
The only - ONLY - thing that would make me not as pissed is knowing we got compensated with a 1st round pick that we could use to "replace" him with...

But I still believe we'll have Boley, Davis, and Koenen all locked up within a couple of days. We just had to get this FA business dealt with first.


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Twinblade (3/2/2008)
I highly doubt we can get a 1st rounder for Boley, no many teams will give up a 1st rounder for him...but then again they might.

He's an RFA, and we tendered him with a 1st rounder. If any team signs him besides us, they HAVE to compensate us with a 1st round pick.

The huge downside to that is if the team that signs him is someone like the NYG, because then we'd "only" be getting the 31st pick.

Also, just in case anyone forgot, we tendered RFA Michael Koenen with a 2nd rounder (shows how valuable we think he is for an UDFA punter!) and tendered RDA Chauncey Davis with a 4th rounder. However, I expect us to resign all three of our RFAs.

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boley isnt going anywhere, he's restricted so the falcons will match any offer unless it was an insane amount of money in which case they get a first round pick. is keith rivers out of usc an inside linebacker? because if he is id like to see him as brookings replacement

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The reason why the falcons have yet to sign him is because they are waiting to see if some one else is willing to sign him.

By another team shining him they would have to give up a 1ST AND 3RD to US.

Also if the organization feels they can do better with him then we will try to match the offer given to him.

Thats why... So stupid asking

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bossFALCON (3/2/2008)
ATL**75 (3/2/2008)
Twinblade (3/2/2008)
Would you be pissed?

The Turner acquisition is nice, but the QB situation for 2008 will ikely determine Boley's future here in Atlanta...

how many profiles are you going to start up?

:laugh:, I really don't see why they ban him, he's just voicing his opinion that mostly everyone disagrees with but it's still his opinion.

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