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Are we going to be more of a running team again...?


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If so then we have to get Jake long... People want to put his pass blocking skills down saying he is not going to be able to handle fast pass rushers. I thing Olvie can help with that by the way... BUT no one doubts his ability to pancake defenders as a run blocker..!!!!

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It's really a split for me. I know the draft is DEEP at Offensive linemen, but Jake Long is a guy that could turn into an All-Pro monster for at least a decade. Dorsey is an awesome guy, but he doesn't seem to be the lock like Long is. I would be happy with getting either guy really. As long as we do draft a top DT or LT/OL guy I will be happy.

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I still think that Miami is going to draft Chris Long and that St. Louis is going to grab Jake Long.

That leaves us between Dorsey, Ellis, McFadden, and Ryan.

We don't need McFadden now that we have Turner signed.

Let's all hope and pray we don't waste the pick on Ryan.

And it seems that Dorsey is getting all kinds of injury reports that might scare us off.

So I think the most obvious pick for us is Sedrick Ellis, which I would be very happy with.

Of course, we could also look to trade down with a team that REALLY wants McFadden, but I doubt anyone pays what it would take to get up to #3...

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Dorsey is my first pick but after the past couple weeks I would be fine drafting Long or Ryan.

If we get Dorsey, we get a franchise NT

If we draft Long, we get the best OL and run blocker in this years draft

If we get Ryan we get the best Qb available.

Either way it will be a great draft for the Falcons.

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Ace you are right its a hard desicion.... I was excited about becoming a passing team but with all the beef we have its shaping up to be more of a ground attack. With the right additions and a total team effort ,including wide recievers, We could just constantly hit teams in the mouth. I have thought about how well Roddy was at blocking, he got plenty of practice, so we can go back to PUNISHING opponents on the ground.

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