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Edward Malone (3/8/2008)
Sixer (3/8/2008)
Bump, I have #21 signed, autographed jersey that's not ready to be framed.

You sure it doesn't say Sanders on the back ?

D. Hall isn't as good as you imagine him to be.

You are right my friend. It's not Sanders and oooooh how it wish it was PrimeTime. I will take the next best thing to PrimeTime in Atlanta since the old 21 retired.

Bump, let's resign the man!

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Just_the_Truth (3/5/2008)
H E L L NO to the bump!!!!!!!

"slim to NO chance that I ever play for the Falcons again"

quote from one Meangelo Hall

See ya later. Don't let the door hit you in your ##### on the way OUT!

you must not have read that article all the way through in the 5th paragraph

Posted: 02/22/2008

Hall on chances of Atlanta return: 'Slim to none'

By Jason Feller | NFL.com

Hall, who made it clear that he did not demand a trade and that it was the team that initiated trade talks, refused to speculate on where he might land.

make sure you read the whole article next time not just the headline


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I hate to see him go. I hated when we let Deion go. I think a trade is in the works.

Shutdown corners are hard to find I think with our improved line he would be back to pro-bowl status. It is going to kill me seeing him pick one against us and take it to the house.

prepare yourself D-Hall will not be in Atlanta next year.

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somecut8 (3/9/2008)
In case I haven't mentioned, D-Hall was the only CB on our team to get an int. Now that's just sad, most teams have at least 2 CBs that force turnovers. So why get rid of our only CB that can get picks for us?

EXACTLY these haters dont seem 2 realize this.....


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