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Tetsujin-28 (3/4/2008)
Well, Coach Smith really wants to keep him and Dimitroff said on 790 this morning that he will defer to his decision. That bodes well for Hall staying a Falcon.

Yeah, because coaches and GMs are always truthful about their players.

I still contend that Hall will be traded before draft day.

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Just_the_Truth (3/5/2008)
H E L L NO to the bump!!!!!!!

"slim to NO chance that I ever play for the Falcons again"

quote from one Meangelo Hall

See ya later. Don't let the door hit you in your ##### on the way OUT!

...You do realize you just bumped the thread though?

Bump again!


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Illini_Falcon59 (3/5/2008)
Hall wants wayyy too much money. More than 8 mil.....

The market for a top 10 corner right now is around 9-10 mill. Asante got 9.44 and I have no problem giving Hall the same kind of money because he is actually worth it. I'd rather give the $9 mill. to Hall (who we know is good) than to two first round picks in the 20's who might be busts.

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falconva7 (3/5/2008)
Does anyone else think a lot of people want to trade Hall for another first round pick just so they can have fun doing their little mock drafts? :blink:

I think so. I think there is a pick collection fever going on. Since we have like 10 already, why not go for the record and get like 15.

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Daniel Bruce (3/5/2008)
Does he want to resign again?? Has he changed his position at all from the previous "There is no chance" stand

No one really knows what's been going on since he and Mike Smith talked at the combine, but just the other day Dimitroff said that he deferred the situation to the head coach and Mike Smith wants to keep him so that's what they will probably do.

Whether that's a smokescreen or not I have no idea, but hopefully they extend his contract before next season because next season he will cost even more with the cap increase.

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Randall Flagg (3/6/2008)
falconsfever2006 (3/5/2008)
BUMP show him da door

I'm sure that's what you meant, right?

That's the SECOND greatest screen name I've seen. BTW, BUMPAGE for the Hall extension. This is as cheap as we'll ever get to resign a player of his caliber. Give him what Asante got or next year it'll be 10.5 mil to keep him.

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Illini_Falcon59 (3/5/2008)
After some more thought. I have to bump this thread, we can't afford to lose a player as talented and as young as Hall when we are trying to re-build.

Agreed! And I like your sig, we need to get Boley resigned too. Hall + Boley can be the cornerstones of a great defense.

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