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What titans says about Our new TE


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From Tru Blue "i hope we keep Hartsock he dosent complain about his role and he is very underrated, if he was faster he has starting potential imo"

Sounds like we got a very solid blocker, who is a team player. Let me repeat that....a TEAM player. If we can get 52 team players, then we will have ourselves a solid franchise. TD is looking for the team players and not the me me me its all about me players.

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seamill returns (3/2/2008)
Here's the love for Hartsock you've been looking for! Significant contributor to the turnaround of our O-line last year, capable of some "drive sustaining" catches. Great team guy and a solid special teamer when called upon.

-Titan Fan

Sounds good.

It sure does. I will admit that I was like who is this guy, but after reading what the Tenn fans have to say about him, I think we got a solid player. Him and Coleman I think are very good signings. If we can land Williams ans Turner, i will give TD a A- for his first FA signings as a GM. Then if we can get at least a B+ in the draft, we will be moving in the right direction.

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UGA_DAWG46 (3/2/2008)
Those were some really good posts on Hartsock. This is an excellence sign for us. So is Big Hart his nickname on this MB or are we creating a new one?

I like Big Hart myself.....I dont think you canreally improve on that. We need more players with bigger Hearts and less egos.

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