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Rate the Falcons signings so far.....

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monoxide (3/2/2008)
So far, we got a backup Tight End, an injury prone Free Safety, and an unknown defensive back who I still haven't figured if he plays Free Safety or Corner.

A D-, if we sign Turner, an A plus.

I missed a day of school before because I was sick.I've also hurt my big toe once before.That must make me inury prone.stop using terms when u don't know what they mean.
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Khufu (3/2/2008)
Ok, I notice that the Falcons like to grab a lot of no-names in FA or people who have been kinda under the radar....so you see who we have grabbed so far.....what rating you give the Falcons moves in FA?

A through F (you can use plus and minuses too)

I dont know much about these guys. The DB's appear to be solid. Each have tallied 100 tackle seasons. One did not get any playing time until last year and the other Coleman has apparently been playing hurt the past two seasons. The TE is an average player. We got Redman back. No dumb signings. B
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I would give them an I for Icomplete so far.

I guess addressing the secondary so far is ok, I honestly don't know much about either guy.

I know Hartsock is no where in the same league as Crumpler.

I wish they would address the OL and DL a little, then I would bump it up.

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Eric Coleman came into the league gang busta style...but has had some injuries since then.

Von Hutchins put together a solid campaign last season, and should provide good, young depth.

You want to talk about an injury proned TE....its Ben Hartsock. Crump looks like Ironman in comparison to Hartsock.

Good re-sign with Redman...hopefully he will carry last season's pace over to this season.

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