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Culpepper & Moss

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Ah yes the first of these posts that I have seen so far.

I thought there might be one.

I am actually all in favor of this move but it's never ever going to happen.

The Falcons are thinking, "suck in 08, 09 and 10 but develop a young core through the draft for the future." Bringing in two vets who are looking to win now wont add up.

Plus all of the armchair GM's here say it wont happen either. They don't know why but they just know in their little conformist hearts that the Falcons don't get players that have actually done something in the past. Sheep they all are.

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Rev.Jesse Jackson. (3/2/2008)

You must be the message board police. No double topics allowed!

I mean the title was clear and yet you still came in just to let the guy know, "it's already been posted."

What a winner you are.

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Culpepper is done. He moves too slow now to be an asset to anybody, except in a backup role, and he doesn't seem to be able to get his eyes off of that big paycheck.

Honestly if he were asking for a cheaper playing price I am sure some team would take a flyer on him, and if he is healthy he could find his way onto the field again, but right now he is asking too much money.

IMO the quality of NFL players is slowly going downhill. It makes me sad to think that it is all about the money now. (And then I remember that money is the only thing that will get Michael Turner here, and I get over it). :P

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