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Moss - Culpeper Package?

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Thats a thought, another toy for Farve to play with so he doesnt retire.

Considering the Patriots got him for cheap last year. He was making 10million a year with the Raiders, and I think like 3-4 with the Patriots. They lost Stallworth.. pay the man.. or he WILL leave.

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I have a weird feeling this kind of WR QB package could be a great fit for the Falcons. We all know the QB's in this years draft isnt special. We all know MV is still on this team, and Blank himself has said he would like to see MV back in 09. Culpepper isn't going to ask for a huge pay day and if you get him, you can get Moss. ATL needs playmakers and judging from last year, Moss is one of the best. Everyone can talk about the Raiders situation but how many QB's have they gone through? Its hard to remember a player on the Raiders having a great year on the offensive side. What if we have Culpepper and Moss? I would think our QB situation would be Culpepper, Redman and a Rookie (2nd round pick to 6th). I know you guys love Shockley but I don't see him being a player for the future. If we can get Culpepper and Moss, that makes us even more focused on improving our OL and DL. We can get a Jake Long with the third pick. We could trade down and get a Branden Albert and Carl Nicks. We can sign Maurice Williams. If we can get a deal like this package, we can bring an energy and excitement back to this team. We can focus on the OL and DL in free agency and most importantly in the draft. We can be competitive. Dimitroff knows what Moss is all about. Its no secret that Moss and Culpepper are a deadly connection. If things with MV gets back on track and is able to play for this team again, it would be MV, White, Turner and Moss. I am not saying it will or it will not happen but its something the Falcons should consider.

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