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John Clayton Just Reported That Moss And Culpepper

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It would be fun in Madden lol.

In the real world not a chance.

LT - Jake Long

LG - Justin Blalock

C - McClure / Datish

RG - Williams

RT - Weiner

WR - Randy Moss

WR - Roddy White

TE - Hartsock

FB - Ovie

RB - Turner

QB - Culpepper

LOL...we couldn't afford to put a defense on the field, much less a good one.

But wow...it'd be hard to balance getting Turner enough touches, cause he's not only a RB he's threat out of the backfield, PLUS you gotta get Norwood the ball too.

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Robb4242 (3/2/2008)
Culpepper needs Moss, but Moss doesn't need Culpepper.

ding ding ding...

moss needs a qb that will just launch it up there for him, culpepper fits that bill.

culpepper needs a wr that will make the coverage on the rest of his wrs, tes and rbs so simple that he will be able to read it quickly and make the play.

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