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ignore the post "we've got burner - finally" its a joke......


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this is very frustrating......hopefully this means that Falcons, unlike the past, just aren't going to "overshoot the market" by 20% when paying a free agent.

My contention is still the same.....I think we will get Michael Turner - but, if we are, it will be today. If Turner gets on a plane and goes somewhere else, then I will lose hope....

Hope we get "the real" Burner......not a piece of the stove!:)

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because if we DONT sign him then....oops thats gonna mean All **** on this message board(which would be kinda funny) [w00t]

But we definitely missed out on the top free agents with Blank whing & ding our so called "soon to be star for years to come" but to me if he had wanted to sign he would have done it by this morning because either way this is way too **** long to be sepnding on one person for a sign.

Point blank the dudes good but he aint that special( I know somebody can back me up). Overall i want the dude here but this process is just a LITTLE bit too long.

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