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pat markovich (3/2/2008)
that we are going to draft him w our 2nd rounder if hes still there.let him develop under redman.hes GOT A FRIGGIN CANNON.sounds good to me

who says the dolphins or chiefs dont take him in the 2nd? i want him to but, so do a lot of teams.

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I've seen a lot of video of Flacco. He is the best QB in this draft. He looks just like Brett Favre, with the way he moves around the pocket, his quick release, rocket-launcher arm. He is pinpoint accurate. Great improvisational QB, handles pressure very well when things break down.

The only downside is that he is a shotgun QB, so he will need to learn to handle snaps from under center. But that can be taught very easily by any respectable NFL QB coach earning the minimum wage.

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In contrast look at Colt Brennan. One thing I noticed is he falls apart under pressure. See the Sugar Bowl, for example. His arm sucks, his balls flutter, and he is undersized. He wouldnt last 2 years in the NFL, against real defenses.

Matt Ryan has mediocrity written all over him. Nothing special.

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