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After hearing who they are going after in FA I expect to see a QB drafted, then linemen and maybe LB. I am not great reading tea leaves but if they lock up Turner, plus with added help of SS, and CB in FA, then I think they will go linemen heavy, and look to see where they think the best QB for the team will need to be drafted. I don't expect him to play this year, and would hate to see him do so, unless the O-line really improves this year.

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i bleed falcon red (3/2/2008)
i think we should keep redman or shockley(who ever has a better training camp and pre season) as the starter and the dratee who ever we get at QB this year should sit the bench and get used to the offense for the first year

We'll pick up a QB with a later pick...1st pick will be DL or OL....Redman will be the starter with Joey 2nd and DJ third with the new QB learning at least the first year.

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