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Jason Taylor Leaving the Dolphins


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Report: Dolphins, Taylor to part ways

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The Dolphins' Jason Taylor steps back and takes a look at what may have been his final game in a Miami uniform in the final minutes of the season, Sunday, against the Bengals at Dolphin Stadium, Dec. 30, 2007.Within the past two weeks, since being named a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor has already left Miami to move into a home in Los Angeles where he plans to stay until his time on the show ends.

Now, however, it appears he might not be returning at all -- at least not to play football.

Taylor and the Dolphins have reportedly agreed to amicably part ways at some point between now and the NFL Draft on April 26, Yahoo Sports reported Saturday night on its Web site. There is no animosity between the two sides, according to the report.

Three sources close to Taylor said Saturday they were not aware of such an agreement, but the notion certainly isn't far fetched. It also isn't much of a surprise. Taylor has privately expressed his frustration with the constant rebuilding projects in Miami, and he isn't interested in being part of another one.

He also has placed emphasis on his post-career plans recently, which was reinforced by his decision to participate on Dancing with the Stars. Taylor's preparations for the show have already begun (it premiers March 17), and his responsibilities might not be fulfilled until mid-May.

If that were the case, Taylor would miss much of the Dolphins' off-season training program - something that hasn't thrilled Miami's new staff considering Taylor is supposed to be the team captain and leader.

But that doesn't mean Taylor and his current bosses aren't getting along, which is emphasized in the Yahoo report. Instead, both sides have different plans for their futures that have led to a possible - and seemingly inevitable - split.

That said, Miami isn't likely to simply cut Taylor loose, the same way the team waived Taylor's brother-in-law, former linebacker Zach Thomas. Vice president of football operations Bill Parcells has not been able justify letting his best player leave without getting something in return, which is why the team could soon enter into trade talks with potential suitors for Taylor.

That shouldn't be overly difficult, given that Taylor seemingly has several more productive years left in his career. But finding a suitor that fits Taylor's desires might also be a requirement, since Taylor could also opt for retirement without the right fit.

Taylor has toyed with thoughts of retiring for the past two years, and it remains an option if indeed he felt his post-career plans in Hollywood were promising enough to leave the game.

So while the Dolphins and Taylor have reportedly decided to part ways, such a notion doesn't necessarily mean either side knows exactly how that's going to occur - whether via trade or retirement.

Whatever the scenario, it continues to appear more and more likely as if the Dolphins will soon also be without another long-time face of the organization. First, Thomas. Now, likely Taylor.

The news of Taylor's potential departure comes one day after the Dolphins began rebuilding their roster through free agency. The timing of the story could also play into the potential acquisition of free agent linebacker Calvin Pace, who visited South Florida on Friday.

Pace also visited the Jets on Saturday, and he is expected to decide between the two teams by today. While he seemed to be leaning toward the Dolphins, he said Friday he was excited about the potential of playing opposite Taylor.

Word of Taylor's looming departure could cause Pace to either lean away from the Dolphins because he won't be playing with Taylor - or it could cause him to believe he'll have more opportunity to succeed.

Either way, the end of an era in Dolphins football appears to be nearing close as Taylor's future with a team he spent 11 years playing for appears bleak.


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I would love to have Taylor and Abraham as our 2 ends.....Even if Taylor only has a couple of good years left in him.

Bring in Taylor.....Draft Dorsey at DT, and let our other guys including Anderson take a shot at the other DT position.

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