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D.J. Hackett

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birdweiserrr (3/1/2008)
pured, you're a pretty cool dude but that's 1 **** of a sentence. :laugh:


Yeah he's not great, but he's a compliment to what we have...which isn't saying much:

He's got 1,394 and 9 TD's in 3 seasons starting 14 games...Horn and Jenk only got 775 together last season...couldn't hurt...speaking of Seahawks...isn't Michael Boulware a UFA by Houston he was hot in Seatty when he started....11 ints from 28 starts...couldn't hurt since were "adding depth"...

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me4falcons (3/1/2008)
bryant Johnson would be the better choice.

I've been looking at him too. He's a SOLID slot receiver and is a BIG upgrade from Jenk. I think he's faster than Hackett as well...get both! Save the question mark of a Draft player (Unless it's Laurent Robinson...or Sidney Rice). We get rid of Horn we would have a young crop of receivers who are great catching (Roddy is now) the ball and about 4 slot receviers 2 with the potential to start (Laurent and Bryant).

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I think Hackett is a very good fit in a WCO and I do have serious questions about his durability. But when he has been healthy the last couple of years, he has been very good. That team had some depth at WR with Branch out. Hackett and Engram were good all year but that helps with one of the best offensive minded coaches and a highly underrated QB. Hasselbeck is a top tier QB who gets overshadowed by the other QB's in the league. I think the Falcons would want to groom White and Robinson together since we will be rebuilding and White broke 1,000 yards last year and Laurent came one in the 2nd half. But I think Hackett would be nice as our slot guy, for the right price.

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