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Who was our last franchise back, and how will having one affect our offense?

mr pickle

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birdweiserrr (3/1/2008)
Last one was Jamal Anderson. Some may argue Dunn but for the most part he was a non factor.

I agree. Dunn was a product of a system. look at his failures last year and with Tampa. Jam was def one of our best pure runners.

First of all a true franchise halfback has to fit the mold of a pure rusher, alla peterson or LT, but they have to be athletic enough to be versatile and used in the passing game. Some say its important for them to block too, but i dont think it should be a main duty for a HB, just something that is useful. I dont think san diego is very keen on LT always making blocks, and i'm sure none of their fans care about that either. Thats a duty for the line, FB, and TE.

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