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NFL Net comments from Friday


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Last night I heard several of the pundits who commented that FA BiG Payouts are done right away and that after Monday the HUGE paychecks will begin to drop.

If Turner signs we should hear about it soon.

I have not see any other team who might be interested in landing Michael Turner.

I have not heard DHall's trade mentioned anywhere, maybe DHall will sit out the season like he said this week if not traded.

I think DHall is over-rated, not on his skills buty the negatives are taken more seriously than ever before.

The "Bust the Bank" routine isn't playing for DHall.

I think he has screwed himself by trying to "hold up" the Dimitroff Regime.

Michael Turner can be the new FACE here, he can be the SuperStar he has wanted to become.

Just sign the contract and the 33 jersey sales will begin, I will order mine right away.

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If he signs he should change the number...but I always felt "big" players are reserved all numbers over 29 so I can't really complain. I can't buy jerseys anymore anyway with the revolving door that is the NFL "Team"...I just support the Falcons...without buying a jersey...got a nice mug though!:D

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