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Matt Ryan

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Dimitroffisoursavior (3/1/2008)
Im first say sorry to all you that I have pissed of in this forum and second screw Matt Ryan Mr Blank PLZZZ dont draft him take Jake Long because I think Chris Redman will end up being a better QB anyways.

if you think Redman will be a better QB than Ryan, consider this my last reply to any of your posts, your insight has been clearly diaplayed for everyone to see. OMG

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Redman HAS played in the NFL, so how could Ryan who has yet to even take an NFL snap be a guarantee to be better than him. People want to knock Redman because he was out of the league and had to take a job to support his family....well ##### what did you expect him to do, NOT get a job, just sit on his ##### until he got called back? I followed Redman's career closely, and Baltimore is the worst place to expect any QB to flourish, especially when your hurt. If your looking at college performance, Redman was a better player, but he was at Louisville, not a big name school at the time. I'd like to think that if he had more time working with the 1st string that he would be a good QB, and just because he's 31 doesn't mean he can't be a long term solution. How many teams actually keep their QB's their whole careers? Look at Favre, thats proof alone that age doesn't matter. Theres no proof Matt Ryan, Brian Brohm or Flacco and any other QB we possibly draft is gonna be the saviour most want them to be. I'm not saying Redman is the saviour, but please don't knock the guy just because he hasn't had a dream NFL career thus far.

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