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If there is a SIGNING..

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It seems that we're close to signing someone, the FA prospects that are in Atlanta for the weekend. I think we should have atleast someone signed by 6pm or sometime tonight, we're in contract talks with Maurice Williams and Turner I read from articles posted on the board. So what do you think? News by 6pm? or after..?

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I think we'll definitely know by tonight because it seems its between us and Detroit when it comes to Michael Turner. I don't know if we're participating in a bidding war right now with Detroit or not. However, like I said, I read last night that we are participating in contract talks with Maurice Williams and Michael Turner. There has GOT to be SOMETHING by the end of the day. Rather it be Turner, Williams a FALCON or Turner leaving Atlanta to be a Lion. We'll just have to wait.

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rcky_mtn_falcon (3/1/2008)
You know, we might get to see all of the FA that we're courting. They might be at the Georgia Force game with Blank & all the front office. It's a big opener between the 2 best teams from last year.

Georgia Force vs Dallas Desperadoes at 1:00.

go force! i have the reminder on my tv so i dont miss it.

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