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True Falcon Fan (3/1/2008)
Stroud is currently in Buffaloe. TD needs to act quick if we want him. He's reportedly asked for a 3 million dollar raise.

We don't want him then. He needs to take a cut if anything, because he has chronic ankle issues and is only a year removed from microfracture knee surgery.

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He already making 6.3 mil a year. Until 2010 when his contract runs out if he asking for 3 more mil on top of what he's making that would bring him up to 7.3 mil a year and im not ok with that. Rather just take a DT in the draft that spend that much + a pick on a injury prone Stroud.

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Marcus is from my hometown and even though he is a good guy he is a bit lazy and not the brightest crayon in the box.

He was injured last year in a little car accident and I don't know if he will ever be 100% again.

I think we should pass on him. It looks as if he wants that one last big contract and then its off into the sunset.

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