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What about Boss Bailey...

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I'm a bulldog fan so i'm all for boss coming in but i agree brooking needs to go his game isn't what it use to be and it eats a pretty good bit of cap space up that could be used for a younger and better player right now, as it seems were in a rebuilding stage so why hold on to him he's been a decent player staying as long as he has and letting the team have their way with making cuts on his contract and all but i think it's time to say goodbye

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trufalconfan (3/1/2008)
.....who is an UFA. He's almost the size of Ray Lewis and maybe he could take the middle and let Brooking go back to WLB.

Boss Bailey would be a perfect fit at MLB in a cover 2 scheme. Which requires the MLB to play alot of zone coverage. Bailey is one of the fastest LB's in the league. We ought to take a serious look at him. I think he could really shine in Atl. PLus he is a DAWG!

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i love boss bailey, he has shown some explosiveness and promise on a team that is terrible with no one around him, he could do very well here but i dont think we need to cut brooking, maybe get him to rework his contract but he is a good leader on this team and has experience in the league, that still carries some value in this game.

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Odds or cutting Brooking slim. he might restructure to stay here. he did lead team in tackles, granted he's getting old. but still need he's vet leadership for the new younger lbs we get.

I like idea of Boss was Mlb an moving Brook to his orginal pos.




nice group Lbs

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