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Jim Rome - "Does Chris Redman Even Care Where Chris Redman Goes"

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Jim Rome is a complete and total m-o-r-on. If there is ever any doubt concerning this, go listen to his spoken word album, and then come back and give me your opinion. I am also not making that up, he really has a spoken word album. I stumbled upon it once when I worked in a record store in SC. It was such a horrible event, I thought I was going to have to set myself on fire to cleanse myself. That was before I listened to it.

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David Ethan (2/29/2008)
Bloodhoundz Reborn (2/29/2008)
I saw that and all I have to sya is Oprah Winfrey has better football knowledge than Jim Rome.

hate the guy...always speaking in sweeping absolutes, like his words are the end all be all

Yeah I can't stand him or Skip Bayless, atleast Skip can be funny at times.

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My favorite Jim Rome memory is my first Jim Rome memory....when former Ram QB Jim Everett b**ch-slapped Rome after Rome called him Chris Evert.....

Look it up on YouTube if you want to see something hilarious! I have never been able to take anything Rome said seriously after he got owned like that...

Knocked down like a little girl. I loved it!

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I ##### hate Jim Rome, he thinks he's superior to every single figure in sports. Newsflash, #####: John Clayton could kick your ##### in football even in his post-career years.

Skip Bayless is also annoying, but I don't hate him as much because most of the time when he's on the air I'm either asleep or in school, so I'm spared of his almost constant negativity.

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