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Here's a question for the 2008 season.


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WHo will be our kick/punt off returner?

Last season jennings was used for most punts and norwood did the kick off duty. I hope we find a real a player who can focus on that so norwood can spend more time focusing on his blocking skills and being a running back.

Can jennings be our full time return guy? Do we draft someone? if so who would make a good fit ? Or do we pick someone up in FA?

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The Falcon Ace (2/29/2008)
I think Jennings would be an okay guy if we could actually get decent blocking.

Thats the big question. We dont know if he can be a decent return man even with good blocking. I wouldnt mind giving him a shot but if we have a shot to pick up a really fast good return guy in the draft I say we go for it.

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Jennings is the worst I have ever seen at punt and kick return. I was never a huge Rossum fan, but after seeing Jennings, I realized that Rossum was good.

Rossum was realeased by Pittsburg, I say we bring him back. He always got positive yards. He knew when to let it go, and he never fumbled. He was not always a homerun threat, but he was the fastest man in the NFL for 1 year.

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