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ESPN's take on who the Falcons should draft at #3


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grendel (2/29/2008)
ATL4ever (2/29/2008)
On the draft central page of ESPN.com there's a link discussing the the combine and includes a segment on the Falcons. About 19 minutes in Todd McShay discusses who the Falcons should draft with the #3 pick.


Care to fill us in, since not everyone can go watch videos?

It's not a video. If you have speakers on your computeryou can listen. McShay basically said, "Ryan, Jake Long or Dorsey would be a better fit for us than say McFadden". He did say with the deep RB class we could pick one up later. We just have too many other needs to pick up a RB that early. Yes, McShay loves Ryan but did say we need OL help to protect him. If they pass on Ryan and take McFadden he believes we could get Brohm, Henne or Flacco in the 2nd round. He believes Brohm will slide to the 2nd round if the Vikings, Carolina or Chicago doesn't pick him.

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