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My sources tell me about Dimitroff's CURRENT big board.

Guest Macquiao

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Guest Libid21

Take this with a grain of salt if you may, but I am not telling lies...

Anyways, a couple of sources from Atlanta have told me that Dimitroff is currently high on Matt Ryan. I would guess he is on top of the top 5, and Jake Long is close to him too. Apparently, McFadden is not in our radar, and I was told that Dimitroff is not so high on potential 'cancer' plays such as McFadden himself. I'm not sure how these people found out. One of the said sources doesn't even work any where near Flowery Branch.

Here's my GUESS of Dimitroff top board:

1. Matt Ryan

2. Jake Long

3. Glenn Dorsey

4. Sedrick Ellis

5. Chris Long

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